ANC025: Letters to Yoko Ono by Sarah Taylor

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I have sent another shard to my mother. Maybe she will call and the machine will record her voice while I pretend to be busy. She is going to die soon.

Published in 1964, Yoko Ono's monumental Grapefruit is recognized today as an archetype of the event score, a text-based art form providing instructions for simple yet transformative experiences. Recontextualizing the everyday as performance, Ono sought to provide her audience with stronger, healthier methods for relating to themselves and their fellow humans.

Using the piece Shoot One Hundred Panes of Glass as a foundation, Sarah Taylor explores the anxieties of a young woman struggling to manage the impending death of her estranged mother. Letters to Yoko Ono is just what the title suggests ─ an epistolary collection of prose poems detailing the increasingly surreal days of the narrator as she performs a fifty-year-old conceptual art piece, and the emotions that linger and resolve themselves like shards of glass put back together. In this debut work, Taylor proves that painful choices are often the most inescapable.

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50-page book in resealable string and button envelope, handmade and numbered
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ANC024: Green by Theresa Senato Edwards

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Lightning in the ground: / sparks from grass when / he ran from his parents’ car / to the front door, slight halos / around each daffodil lining / the steps.

Grief has long mystified psychologists; numerous theories have been put forth, none of which offer a conclusive rationale for self-inflicting further trauma when faced with loss. What function does bereavement serve? Exactly which unperceived benefit is it that outweighs the cost of suffering? All will experience this paradox at one time or another without ever understanding its purpose.

Theresa Senato Edwards does not have the answer to the riddle of sorrow, but does provide an emotive metaphor for the process of grieving and the prospect of hope in her narrative long-form poem, Green. A young man's experiences in his grandmother's house help him to realize his grief in the strange and simple, yet altogether profound manner that befits a man exploring his life and the love that it contains. This poignant story is accompanied by the author's reinterpretation of a piano sonata movement written by herself and recorded some thirty years ago, a metaphor itself for the longevity of warm remembrances.

Note: this is a pre-order. Green will ship in March.

24-page book with cd, handmade and numbered
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Announcing ANC026: Raven in Deadhorse

Another New Calligraphy is pleased to add Raven in Deadhorse by Nathaniel Curtis to our list of upcoming titles.

February 7th

After a marathon January that saw the release of both Christopher Mulrooney's toy balloons and our first double title, Howie Good's Beautiful Decay/The Cruel Radiance of What Is, Another New Calligraphy is still cruising along as we prepare to bring you both Theresa Senato Edwards' Green and Sarah Taylor's Letters to Yoko Ono in the weeks to come.

We are also currently in the process of adding sample pages from all of our books, past and present, to provide you with an overview of what makes each one so special.

ANC is now accepting writing and music submissions, as always.