Another New Calligraphy seeks work comfortable within its own authentic space, rather than making concessions to accessibility or attempts at provocation. Please familiarize yourself with some of our recent projects. Commonalities include identity, mental health, historical analysis, cultural studies, and respect for the natural world. While our niche may seem primarily of a poetic nature, we always have our eyes on other modes of expression. We are currently on the lookout for more music and nonfiction, as well as further opportunities to broaden the inclusivity of our catalog.

Submissions are always open and always free. The guidelines below are intentionally minimal; why is that never the case? Please identify the submission type in your email. Consider including a brief bio and/or personal links to provide context for your work. This will also expedite the process should we collaborate.

Another New Calligraphy acquires first serial rights for texts and retains the copyright of artwork created for your writing or music project. If your work is subsequently reissued, please acknowledge its original publication.