Another New Calligraphy publishes handmade books and music.

We have enjoyed the quiet thrill of making and sharing since 2009.

Another New Calligraphy guides writers and musicians in the realization, documentation, and promotion of their work. By providing our releases with a singular visual and tactile presence, we hope to deliver small moments of wonder outside the great media overload. Our catalog strives to showcase marginalized voices without exploiting the stories they tell or the communities they represent.

In our early years we also published a subscription-based microzine, Shepherd's Check, programmed a music/reading series, Pish Posh, and produced a supplementary artifact, PCM Grapheme. We were young and spreading ourselves thin. Our time, effort, and care are now focused on facilitating an appreciation of divergent experiences via quality physical objects.


Another New Calligraphy seeks work comfortable within its own space, rather than making concessions to convention or attempts at mass accessibility. Please familiarize yourself with some of our recent projects. Commonalities include identity, mental health, history, cultural studies, and respect for the natural world. The music we have released exemplifies but a small portion of what we would love to help bring to life.

Given the philosophy behind our books and their production, we prefer shorter written material. While our niche may seem primarily of a poetic nature, we always have our eyes on other modes of expression. We are currently on the lookout for more music and nonfiction, and are most interested in thematically linked manuscripts rather than generalized collections.

For literature, send a Word file or PDF to For music, send mp3s or web links. In both instances, please include a brief description of your project; empty or vague emails will not be considered. We cannot guarantee a response to all submissions but if we are interested in working with you, expect to hear from us promptly.