We have enjoyed the quiet thrill of making and sharing since 2009. 

Another New Calligraphy guides writers and musicians in the realization, documentation, and promotion of their work. By providing our releases with a singular visual and tactile presence, we hope to deliver small moments of wonder while facilitating an appreciation of unique experiences via quality physical objects. Our catalog strives to showcase diverse voices without exploiting the stories they tell or the communities they represent. 

In our early years we also published the subscription-based microzine Shepherd's Check, programmed the music/reading series Pish Posh, and compiled the supplementary artifact PCM Grapheme. We were young and spreading ourselves thin. Our time, effort, and care are now focused on the production of innovative books and musics and the presentation of exceptional work in our online journal Impossible Task.

Another New Calligraphy is based in Chicago and was founded by Bill Ripley in 2009. A creator and educator devoted to fostering social progress, he fondly recalls losing himself in books as a young boy and wanting nothing more than to create his own. Contact Bill at anc@anothernewcalligraphy.com 

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Thank you for your interest.