Five for $5 Each

Items in our catalog typically sell their way out of print, but every once in a while we are left with extra copies in our inventory. The titles below are now available at the comically low price of five dollars each. Make one yours before they disappear forever, or share one of your favorites this gifting season.

ANC016: How to Swim by Heather Momyer
"poetic prose cradles characters struggling by land, sea, and air to affirm identities"

ANC017: Brittle Cambia by Bill Ripley
"this Matryoshka-styled narrative will leave you pondering the precarious nature of rebuilding"

ANC01: Amicability by A Light Sleeper
"long and strange conversations to melt your face slowly."

ANC010: Magnetic Current by Cross Record
"primacy and consciousness; clarinets and cello; the gospel, the relic, the drone."

ANC019: Laps by Joanna Novak
"bottomless appetites of girls; her characters crave everything from food to love to complete transformation."