ANC017: Brittle Cambia by Bill Ripley

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Running just beneath the bark’s defense, the cambium is a tree’s freshest ring of growth. Tucked betwixt the phloem and xylem, its continually dividing cells provide fresh material for constant growth.

Much like the layers of a tree working in concert for its greater good, Bill Ripley’s Brittle Cambia stacks its strata deep and looks inward to fully explore its entwined themes. A man set on seclusion occupies himself with constructing a metaphorical fence. A young boy is lost in the thick of a forest fire. Japanese artisanal wood charring and that diligent superorganism, the formicidae, round out our allegory.

Packaged with the materials necessary for starting your own life-altering blaze, this Matryoshka-styled narrative will leave you pondering the precarious nature of rebuilding.

24 pages, handmade and numbered; piece of wood and matchstick set

$10 (US postage paid)