How to Swim / Brevity / Amicability

We just shipped out the first round of Heather Momyer's How to Swim, and for those of you who haven't placed your orders yet: your chance to purchase a copy of this little gem is slipping away. We've burned through about half of our stock and once they're gone, that's it! Visit our books page before it's too late.

Case in point: we just parted ways with our last few copies of A Light Sleeper's Brevity. They might have a few at upcoming shows, but we are no longer offering it in our catalog. If you never got your mitts on this banger, we believe the phrase is "sucks to be you." ANC014 now joins the rest of our many projects currently residing in the out of print afterlife.

Speaking of A Light Sleeper, we are now offering their debut Amicability at half of its original price. ($5! With shipping!!) This was a special one, as not only did it officially introduce the universe to an incredible band, but it was also our very first release.  We still have a fair amount of these left and want to make sure they find their way into your collection. Head over to our music page to learn more.