A Light Sleeper

A Light Sleeper initially emerged in the summer of 2005 as a duo of guitarist D. Pennepalli and drummer Matthew Jung (both formerly of various more 'traditional' rock outfits), exploring minimalism while also experimenting heavily with live-looping and improvisation. In 2007, alto saxophonist Maria Elena Hernandez joined, providing a new focus to the compositions still taking shape as well as bringing a distinctly more classical tone to the proceedings -- a tone further bolstered by the addition of cellist David Keller and violist Traci Newhouse in 2011, both gifted players in classical as well as numerous modern styles. Today, the quintet continues to explore different concepts and approaches, combining myriad elements and styles to not so much defy genre as politely brush it aside. Recommended if you like: symmetry, mass, specters, or any combination thereof.