ANC013: PCM Grapheme No. 6

We had ourselves a good old-fashioned hærfest, and this is what we brought home to prove it. The men of Dhalgren provide an exclusive slab of ecstatic motorik, and Bone & Bell shares three of her storysong spectacles. Margaret Patton Chapman expores the loss of love through a bit of God/Satan slash fiction, and Dave Snyder meditates on magpies, disease, and the compulsion to eat small airplanes. Agronomic Grain Symbols adorn this little artifact.

1. America Nova
by Dhalgren
2. O' The Death of the Caspian Sea
3. Sweet Queen Regina
4. Sunrise, Sunset
by Bone & Bell

Pica: On Happiness by Dave Snyder
The Devil Considers His Bargains by Margaret Patton Chapman

3" CDR-tifact with documentation
$2 (US postage paid)