ANC012: PCM Grapheme No. 5

Exclusive to this little gem, Coins share a few of their thoughts on solar dwelling and (showtunes) have their way with the work of Hammerstein, Jolson, and Sublime (j/k, the 90's...). Thomas Mundt introduces us to an insightful High Priestess, and Katie Ziolkowski tells a sad tale of conjoined twins and their love of condiments. Featuring a mini-lesson on the nature of hearing in American Sign Language, this is as wonderful as forty-five minutes of your life can be.

1. I Live on the Sun
2. Golden Days
by Coins
3. (summertime)
4. (brain-shadow-favorite)
by (showtunes)

Amethyst by Thomas Mundt
Ketchup and Mustard by Katie Ziolkowski

3" CDR-tifact with documentation

ANC012 is out of print.