ANC011: PCM Grapheme No. 4

In this issue, Reid Karris loops his bells off, while Cross Record explores intimacy and trust via her customary enchantments. (These are two of the songs that made us fall in love with her...they will do the same for you!) Chris Bower tells a tale of podiums, lecterns, and headless horsemen; Heather Momyer rounds things out with an Appalachian ghost story. A message written in Ground-Air Emergency Code calls you in for backup.

1. Phlebotomy
2. Tintinnabulum
by Reid Karris
3. I Know You
4. Smiling Heavens
by Cross Record

The Last Centaurs by Chris Bower
Mining the Bones by Heather Momyer

3" CDR-tifact with documentation

ANC011 is out of print.