ANC009: PCM Grapheme No. 3

This time around, Jason Fisk and Jill Summers know just what you want: Death! Infidelity! Gorillas! Areolas!!! BIRTHDAY CAKE!!! Our musical accompaniment starts off with two Chris Bush head-expanders and is rounded out by five quick and raw sweet-things recorded by Rock Falls just for this release. It blizzarded promptly after we printed Sun Icons from various cultures on the cover. The weather is an asshole.

1. Shot Through Leap
2. Mills and Mirrors
by Chris Bush
3. You're A Lightning Rod
4. Pauv'petit Gars
5. Stop Your Heart
6. Take Your Time
7. I.L.Y.T.
by Rock Falls

Harmonious by Jason Fisk
The Diagnosis of Sadness by Jill Summers

3" CDR-tifact with documentation
$2 (US postage paid)