ANC008: PCM Grapheme No. 2

Starting things off with three shimmering little trinkets by McKenzie Toma, our second issue is sure to warm your chilly nights. Pull that aural blanket up tight, though, because Swim Ignorant Fire is next in line, and he craves soul. Spencer Dew and Toby Bengelsdorf round things out with short fictions created just for us to share. It's all wrapped up in a special, seasonal message written in Morse and ready for you.

1. The Saintly Sisterhood
2. Black Rain, Black Horse
3. Lapsang
by McKenzie Toma
4. Last Days of Man
by Swim Ignorant Fire

Aquavit and Sympathy by Spencer Dew
A Bit for the Cat by Toby Bengelsdorf

3" CDR-tifact with documentation

ANC008 is out of print.