ANC006: PCM Grapheme No. 1

This little gem features three exclusive audio tracks created just for the momentous occasion, two pieces by our esteemed literary ladies, and a secret message written in Hobo.

This first issue of PCM Grapheme was released at our inuagural Pish Posh, in October of 2010.

1. Our Concepts Are Inspired By Our Need (Delay-Free Since 08)
by The Green Pasture Happiness
2. Thus Spake Abraham by A Light Sleeper
3. "Good Graces"/"Anonymiity" (Exercise) by Or Edro,
an avian meta-allegory comprised of ALS sketches

Girls Can Solve Anything #35: Margaret and the Case of the Missing Body 
by Megan Milks
6 Poems from Antarctica is for Sleepers by Elizabeth Wylder

3" CDR-tifact with documentation
$2 (US postage paid)